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“The vehicle damage assessors here at AW are ditching their clipboards and equipping their Ipads. A key advantage is that assessments are carried out in front of the customer, the interaction naturally is increased and the customer openly engages in repair decisions. The vehicle damage assessor is able to develop a relationship, highlighting damage caused and work which will need to be carried out. This enables the estimate price to become more accurate and the customer is made aware of the costings there and then.
Through AudaMobile, AW have not only increased the estimate conversion rate but also the efficiency of the whole process. AW Repair Group are able to schedule and order the required parts early so the vehicle is returned to the customer in a promptly, professional manor and to its original state.”

Blog entry 25 02 2014 - AW Repair


“AudaMobile puts the power in the hands of our assessors, allowing them to capture damage at the vehicle, enhancing the level of customer care and increasing the accuracy of our assessments. Whilst ‘accuracy’ is by far its biggest advantage, bringing our cycle times right down, we’ve been staggered by the other benefits we’ve gained from using it. To start with, the App is so intuitive that one of our new starters got to grips with it from day one, boosting our productivity. It really is that easy for assessors to fully embrace the system.”

Reuben Abbott - BMW Sytner


“We implemented the use of AudaMobile with a twist. We simply set up the App so that it would connect to the Apple TV in our coffee bar from our iPads and iPad minis. We wanted to create a shared, open, experience rather than the usual practice of dealing with someone sat behind a desk. It’s a great way of explaining what you need to convey to customers. You can easily talk through AudaMobile visuals, making them more living, breathing objects. It really is quite impressive and gives customers the confidence they need in you and your ability to accurately estimate vehicle repair costs. The relaxed environment of our coffee bar area is conducive to this approach, providing an informal space to sit back, unwind and chat.”

Chris Brightmore, CEO - Chartwell


“I am truly impressed with AudaMobile. It is a simple paperless solution that is very easy to use. We can assess a vehicle’s damage, select parts and calculate costs right beside the vehicle. This saves us a lot of time, improves accuracy and ultimately enhances the experience for the end customer. AudaMobile really is the way forward for vehicle damage assessing.”

Mark Baldwin - East Bilney Coachworks


“Using AudaMobile at the vehicle has allowed us to provide a professional image for remote estimating that impresses and reassures the owner that they are in safe hands. The vehicle part selection accuracy has improved and the camera function of the iPad has definitely helped us reduce the estimate admin time. Overall, AudaMobile has boosted our image and helped streamline the estimating process making the estimator role more productive.”

Paul Smith - Fix Auto Loughborough


“Being able to create an estimate on the go, whilst at the side of the car is undoubtedly the winning advantage of AudaMobile. Doing the initial triage of the vehicle, prior to it being stripped is much much better using the App on iPad. AudaMobile really comes into its own when using it whilst with a technician in the workshop, as the car is being stripped and agreeing the parts needed for the repair. The accuracy of the estimates we’ve created using AudaMobile has been staggering. What’s more, using the integrated camera whilst the vehicle is being stripped means we can flick between the camera and the estimate graphics at the touch of button; another winning advantage.”

Michael Dable - Howard Basford


“Investment into the development and growth of the business is paramount to myself and my Operations Team. AudaMobile enables us to not only carry out full and accurate assessments away from the bodyshop without the need for paper, but also enables us to order parts required without having to wait until the assessor is back on site. It also provides the customer immediately with the estimate and engages them in the repair process right from the very start. Providing the very best in customer journey and claims experience is part of the lifeblood at Just Car Clinics, and AudaMobile is the perfect platform to improve and cultivate customer relationships right from the very beginning.”

Barry Whittles, Chief Executive - Just Car Clinics


"Viewing the graphics whilst at the side of the car, especially if you aren’t familiar with the make or model of car, has really helped the process. AudaMobile gives you a clear image of the vehicle so that you can easily create an accurate assessment, and the time it saves us is a particularly strong advantage. The bigger, more complicated jobs have got a whole lot easier. We’re definitely looking forward to a more streamlined future with AudaMobile.”

Nick Ferris - Rye Street Group

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